Education Workshop

An Introduction to woodwind instruments

Duration 60 minutes

Each instrument is demonstrated separately with music the performed to highlight that instrument within the ensemble. We involve the audience as much as possible with rhythm and listening games and a question and answer session. The material is adapted to suit the age of the listeners. This can then be paired with an additional 45 minute concert that features the instruments in a story to further cement the education process.

Workshop Sample
Introduction Ibert 3 Short Pieces
Flute demonstration including piccolo Rimsky Korsakov Flight of the Bumble Bee
Oboe demonstration including cor anglais Gershwin Summertime
Clarinet demonstration including bass clarinet Pattersen Comedy for Five Winds
Performance Montague Thule Ultima (for mouthpieces only)
Horn demonstration Arnold Three Shanties
Bassoon demonstration Saint Saens Elephant from Carnival of the Animals
Performance Piazzola Libertango
Questions and Answers
Performance Fucic Entry of the Gladiators
Other popular repertoire
Agay Fiive Easy Dances
Berio Opus Zoo
Debussy Children’s Corner
Joplin Rags
Rogers Selections from the Sound of Music
Steltzner Hambini Kahule Kwele
Tamusuza Abaafa Lulli
Various Renaissance Motets and Madrigals
Weill Songs from Threepenny Opera
Companion Concert
Highlighting the instruments as characters in a story with narration
Duration 45 minutes
The Unhappy Ardvaark
The Lion and the Mouse
5 Cats and a Porcupine
This concert can also stand alone.
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